Dan Mitchell - Hey, Dan Mitchell here.Husband of one (Kathleen).Father of two (Bobby and Sarah) and holder of Masters Degrees in (music of 60's.70's.and 80's) It's a daily musical adventure here on Classic Hits.and I am thrilled to be your guide. When I'm not on the air I like geography and playing basketball. Let's hook up on the radio!


Cheri Marquart - I'm your work-day host, and when not on the radio, I like biking, hiking and camping, plus I paint, play the piano and dance on inline skates! The last book I read was the classic "Another Roadside Attraction" by Tom Robbins. "Pictionary" is my favorite board game and Pink Floyd is my favorite band. Itty Tina is my lucky little black cat, recently rescued from oncoming traffic. Facebook me.


Sky Walker - Hi, I'm Sky, a lucky guy who grew up in a home filled with music. At Classic Hits, I get to play many of my favorite artists and songs for you.and, being a bit of a music history buff, it's fun to be able to tell the stories behind the stars and their hits. I'm also a major architecture and design freak, plus I like lifting weights, skiing and hiking.


Jim Hudson - Jim Hudson is the voice in the middle of the night on Classic Hits. Born right between The Apollo 11 landing and Woodstock in 69' Jim grew up listening to the radio in the 70's and 80's. Now after 20 plus years in radio, every week night he brings you the Classic Hit 80's Rewind, the Lava Lounge and the Class Reunion plus lots of interviews and even some sneak peeks at new music from Classic Hit artists. Facebook me


Robbie Knight - "Robbie Knight fell in love for the first time watching the Beatles cartoon at the age of 4 and wanted to be a go-go dancer. These red flags were ignored, and after an unremarkable academic stint (outside of music and theater classes) Robbie went straight from college radio to nightclub DJ, regularly incurring wrath from management for tossing George Thorogood in between Michael Jackson and Madonna records. Robbie was lucky enough to jump into rock and roll radio in the late 80's and never looked back. Robbie is honored and excited to be on Classic Hits!" Facebook Me