AM Drive - Larry Nelson - came home from Viet Nam and spent a year and a half trying to decide how he fit in. Thanks to the G.I. bill he had the means as well as the desire to go to Radio School. Larry's first job in radio was playing country music in 1973 and he figured out immediately that it was much better than working for a living. In the 80's, when he had much more energy than now, he was a radio Program Director in Minneapolis and hosted AWA professional wrestling on ESPN at the same time. Those TV shows run daily today on ESPN Classic. Larry and his wife Sallie have lived in Denver for 15 years. They have 2 West Highland Terriers.


Midday - John St John - stepped into his first radio station when he had to stand on his tippy-toes to see the records spin on the huge green-felted turntables. He remembers watching his DJ uncle talk into the microphone and then hearing him again on the car radio as his family drove away from the station. He was bit by the bug and proceeded to break bedtime rules listening to a "2 Transistor" radio under the covers until he would fall asleep. or his mother took the radio away. He later played DJ to his neighborhood on a tiny FM transmitter to all that would listen to his "show" within a two or three house range. The first station he worked at in the early 70's was an AM "modern country" station in Northern Alabama. As he looks back on his radio career, he can safely say that most of the Classic Country playlist which he now "spins" he played when they were new vinyl disks spinning on huge green-felted turntables.


Afternoons - Mike Reed - must have been nine or ten years old when he got his first Hi-Fi record player. He would play stacks of 45's talking as the song started pretending he was on the radio. So it's only natural that Mike ended up on the radio. Mike Reed got his start in radio as a traffic reporter in Denver, Colorado in the early 80's. He's been a part of Oldies radio and over sixteen years as a Classic Country DJ and program director. "It's hard to find people more passionate about music than Classic Country listeners. That's what makes this such a fun job."


Evenings - Jack Edwards - 's mom gave him a "Teething microphone" as a baby, and it has been non-stop ever since! Jack got started at WFLI in Chattanooga Tennesee, and after stints in Huntsville Alabama playing country hits, Lafayette Indiana doing country mornings, and Denver Colorado. Jack is now on your radio playing the Legends of Classic Country. Married to the same girl since 1984, they are the parents of 8! Jack is a ham radio operator, and also works as a radio engineer! He can't ever get enough of radio, and has a mike in hand as a ham operator, or in the radio studio!



Overnight - Marty Montell - 's first radio job was at a small station in Ohio, where the on air people had to work at the transmitter shack, which was in a farmers cattle field. In the summertime they had to leave the doors and windows open to keep the transmitter cool. The problem with that was the cows would stick their heads in the door and moo right over what the disc jockeys and news people were saying. Well, things have changed for Marty since his cow pasture days. His radio career has taken him to cities like Cleveland, Richmond, Denver and Wheeling . Now its air conditioned studios and flying airplanes in his spare time.